We are gathered. We hear God's Word. We are fed at God's table. We are sent out to proclaim good news to and for the world.

Worship is the primary way that we gather in and as community: to hear the Word of God proclaimed in scripture, song, and sermon; we pray; we are fed at God's table with the bread and wine at communion, the gifts of God, given freely for the people of God. We are sent out to share the life and love we hear and receiving in this place with the world. Worship takes place at 11AM on Sunday mornings, as well as special services during times of the church  (e.g. Advent, Christmas, and Holy Week). Messiah places a strong emphasis on the liturgy being the work of the people and seeks to integrate people of all ages and stages within our worship. 

Christian Education at MLC
...faith formation for all ages and stages of life.

At Messiah we recognize, as followers of Jesus, that faith formation is life long. Supporting our congregation’s mission of being a place where we share God’s love and grace, our Christian Education ministry is developed to help people:       

  • Develop authentic relationships with God and others         
  • Engage with church rituals and traditions-         
  • Make faith relevant to daily life         
  • Find God’s love, comfort and hope

We seek to offer families and youth a variety of faith formation opportunities, including: worship and music, connection and care, stewardship and outreach. Our Christian Education programming is responsive to, and reflective of, the needs of our congregation and community. We recognize being welcoming is about being the Body of Christ in the world. Programming in recent years has included Sunday school, pre-youth and youth programming, bible studies and book club, intergenerational programming and special events for various seasons and occasions. As we emerge from the pandemic our Christian Education ministry continues to evolve to meet changing needs in our congregation. Please contact the church office for more information on current faith formation opportunities.