Out of Time: Advent 2023

Just what is God doing when it comes to time and to us? Once again, we're using Barn Geese resources to help guide us through Advent. This year's Out of Time is a seven-week Advent season. Inspired by the Revised Common Lectionary texts, we will be reflecting on how God uses our experience of time to meet us, challenge us, bless us, shape us, and call us into holy endings and new beginnings.  

We will be exploring Out of Time through:

  • 10 AM Advent Kids Club

  • 11AM Sunday morning worship

  • Mid-week Holden Prayer on Wednesdays at 6:30pm throughout Advent

  • Out of Time resource to use at home for your Advent Devotions

  • Advent and Christmas Pageant at 11am December 17

At its heart, this series explores two senses of being out of time. Advent thrusts upon us the reality that time is limited. We run out of time to reconcile, to prepare, to make a change. Yet even as we are running out of time, God is outside of time entirely.